Take Beginner Group Classes

First and foremost, the Sacramento Guitar Society encourages you to find a local guitar teacher and take private lessons. Why? because only with a private teacher will you get the attention that you need to develop your skills in the least amount of time.

But what if you aren’t sure if the guitar is right for you? What if you don’t even have a guitar? Or what if money is an issue?

The Sacramento Guitar Society offers low-cost group classes thru the local Parks & Recreation centers in Rancho Cordova and Carmichael. We even have loaner guitars that you can borrow to take the class.

Group Lessons in Rancho Cordova

So go ahead, give it a try by registering in a group class today:

After you complete these classes, your next steps may include taking private lessons from one of our guitar teacher members, joining our Beginner Guitar Orchestra to experience the joy of playing in an ensemble with other guitar enthusiasts, or even both! Get started today!.