Jamison Pettyjohn

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Email: jmsnpettyjohn@gmail.com
Phone: (916) 320-9714


I’m a transplant from San Diego and have been teaching guitar for twenty plus years now. Most recently I have become the principal songwriter and singer for the supergroup Strapped for Cash. I make an incredible omelette and am a bona fide former spelling bee champ. I have a dog, two cats and a duck. I’ve just completed writing and recording my third full-length album and always perform my own stunt work.

Words of Wisdom

I have always taught from a book called “Zen Guitar”. I way of Zen guitar could be summed up as a series of lessons that establish a beginners mind and provide focus and a guide to missteps, continuing through technical excellence and hopefully broaching some of the most basic concepts of Zen and applying them to music, specifically the guitar. The path of Zen guitar shows how music can offer fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Musical Styles

Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Age Groups

Beginner youth and teens age 9 – 18
Intermediate youth age 9 – 12