Roberto Corrias

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I am from the beautiful island of Sardinia – west of the Italian mainland and north of Sicily. As a world musician, I love to perform, teach, and carry out extensive research on the diverse artistic expressions that the acoustic guitar has to offer. After completing my degree, I refined my musical expression in France and via artistic collaboration with Spain’s best-known artists of Classical and Flamenco guitar. I hold single-subject teaching credentials for music education in both California and Italy. I truly enjoy performing and composing music for theatrical works that cross international venues, and I’ve been honored as a special guest
on Italian regional and national networks to share my passion through the
composition of musical themes for online, radio, and television transmissions. A number of Italy’s national Jazz manifestations have endorsed several of my professional recordings, and I continue to perform as a solo guitarist or in artistic collaboration under a great variety of musical influences accumulated throughout 40 years of composing and performing across the globe.

Words of Wisdom

Like a childhood game, the spirit of Art removes us from reality and gives us a ticket for a fantastic voyage to a place where no barriers of any kind exist – allowing us, with all of our diversity, to become united in one single breath.


I teach individual or group Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, and World Music lessons via Zoom.

Age Groups

All ages, at any level of music proficiency.