Tony Brisson

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Tony has had an extreme passion for music and everything about it for as long as he remembers. Tony started off playing violin in his school orchestra program before transitioning to guitar around age 11. In addition to paying guitar, he enjoys writing and composing his own music and lyrics, and playing alongside fellow musicians in bands.

Words of Wisdom

I always like to promote that music is fun! You can work hard towards your goals and aspirations towards music and still have fun in between it all. Music is an extension of our personalities which means it is unique to every individual.

Musical Styles

I specialize in mostly (but not limited to) acoustic styled music. Anything from folk & indie, to alternative & rock. I thoroughly enjoy and participate in playing finger picking/classical style music. It’s the center for most of my personal writing. I enjoy rhythm guitar just as much as playing lead guitar and running through scales.

Age Groups

All ages and skill levels.
Beginner – intermediate youth and beginner teen preferred.